Personal Narrative: A Hard Day's Life

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I woke up to the loud clanging of metal. “Wake up!” a guard yelled. My eyes flutter open and I begin to slowly sit up. I stare around the room that I have been calling home for several weeks. The loosely hung light that dimly lit the room, the small toilet that sat in the corner and the stiff bed that I would have to be sleeping on for several more weeks. “I only I hadn’t come. If only.” I thought to myself. Routinely, I got up and got ready for a hard day’s work. Being released from my cell, I headed towards the eating hall. I sat down at an empty table far away from all the other guys and ate my breakfast; oatmeal and peanut butter. I chewed slowly, swishing the food around in my mouth and hoping to keep it down after I swallowed. I was about half-way done when a tray slammed onto the table. “Hurry up and leave, Chris.” said a familiar voice. I turn around only to see Anthony hovering over me. He was a good five inches taller than me and much stronger. I ignored him and continued to eat my breakfast.…show more content…
I could feel myself growing stronger and stronger as the days progressed. My body ached most mornings from overworking myself the day before but I pushed through the pain. “Wake up! Go to the eating hall and then get to work!” yelled a guard. I made my way to the eating hall before anyone else, grabbed my food and began eating my breakfast; eggs and toast. A combination of voices filled the room but only one stood out. “Hey look! It’s Chris eating by himself again! Always by himself. He’s got no friends! Who would even want to be friends with him though?” Anthony shouted. Everyone in the room exploded with laughter. My face heated up and my heart beat quicken until I lost it. “You know what?” I screamed. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! If you haven’t tricked me and got me caught in the middle of your heist I wouldn’t be here right

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