Esther Greenwood: A Brief Analysis Of Esther's Deception

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In the summer of 1953, Esther Greenwood was a college student living in New York and worked as a guest editor for a fashion magazine. She felt isolated from life and could not enjoy her job and the ravishing gifts and opportunities that came with it. Esther meets Constantin, a UN interpreter that makes her happy and realizes she has not been happy since she was nine years old. She decides to let Constantin seduce her and to lose her virginity to get back at Buddy, a guy who wants to marry Esther but had already lost his virginity to a waitress while they were dating. To Esther’s disappointment, Constantin only held her hand and they only slept. Nevertheless, Esther feared that the end of college would erase her identity…show more content…
He responds by saying he would shoot himself. Esther was disappointed in his response and thought that it was a typical “male” way of committing suicide. She tries to drown herself in the ocean, but was unsuccessful because she would float back to the top. She attempted to hang herself that morning using the cord of her mother’s bathrobe, but could not find a suitable place. Esther then decides on another method of suicide. She takes 50 sleeping pills and drifts off to sleep only to awaken in a…show more content…
Nolan. There she Joan, meets a fellow college acquaintance who was inspired by Esther's suicide attempt and also tried to commit suicide by slitting her risks by shoving her hands through a window. After a session of shock therapy, Esther wakes and feels as if the metaphorical bell jar has lifted and she can finally breathe the open air. With this in mind, Esther is becoming more stable and meets Irwin, a professor and decides to sleep with him to only end up in the hospital due to extreme blood loss. She then hears of the news that Joan had committed suicide by hanging herself in the woods. Esther looks forward to returning college for the winter semester, but awaits her final interview with the doctors. Even after reassurance she is still left nervous and realizes that the bell jar of her madness may descend again later in her

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