Parody In Ingmar Berman's Death Knocks

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A parody is a comical imitation that mocks individual characters or a famous piece of literature. A satire also uses humor or exaggerations to expose society and corruption with the intent of improving it. Woody Allen’s “Death Knocks” is a parody of the chess match scene from Ingmar Berman’s The Seventh Seal ,but is a satire to highlight certain aspects of death. Allen uses parody to draw the reader in through a comical imitation of the chess match scene but with the main intent to satirize the different human perspectives about life and death. In certain religions like Christianity, living with an eternal perspective is the main focus of life, because what you’re doing to further the kingdom of God is the only thing that will carry past death into eternity. The crusades were battles fought by Christians to redeem the holy land from the muslims. In Ingmar Berman’s The Seventh Seal a knight returns to Sweden from the crusades only to find that Sweden has been decimated by the Black Death. Allen completely mocks the knight’s life situation and career through using the character Nat Ackerman. Nat is described as a dress manufacturer, lying comfortably on his bed reading the newspaper. He’s put both his kids through college, and has been able to provide his wife with a…show more content…
No one knows when they’re are going to die. Some people are ready and aware it could happen at any moment, like the Knight. Most of the time, people are concerned about how they can make more money, or what they have planned for the next week, like Nat. The knight was aware that he would be facing death at any moment, because Sweden had been decimated by the Black Death. It’s like Death chose to just ring the doorbell rather than, an unexpected entry by climbing up a drain pipe to enter through the window. It was unexpected for Nat, but not for the

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