Okonkwo Tragic Hero

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Most biblical or folkloric based stories have symbolic characters, events, themes, or moral meanings. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo, the main character, has shown to be an archetypical tragic hero by his actions and his strong beliefs in not being seen as weak. These atributes will be the cause of his eminent death, in result creating Okonkwo as the prime image of a “tragic hero” in Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo shows characteristics of being an archetypical transcendent hero, where his fatal flaw of pride and mercilessness will be the definitive cause of his tragic death. One of those characteristics would be that he is highly respected and is put on a metaphorical pedestal in the clan because of his outstanding achievements, one of those being the…show more content…
Despite his circumstances of birth, where his father, “the grown-up, was a failure,” he had developed prominence because of his farms, wives and titles (Achebe 5). Okonkwo’s father was not like most, not leaving his son with a “barn to inherit” or even wives, which in result caused Okonkwo to start his life in a rough patch (Achebe 16). This goes along the outline of characteristics that describe a tragic hero, where the hero starts of more disadvantaged in life than most, and achieves the respect of the people around him by perseverance and hard work. Okonkwo pride then sprouts, making his fear of “[resembling] his father” control the way he thinks and acts (Achebe 13). Although Okonkwo rules his household with “a heavy hand” (Achebe 13) he is not a cruel man, showing this by following the priest that took Ezinma, his daughter. In this moment, Ekwefi, Ezinma’s mother, reminisces on the time when Okonkwo had “won her heart” by throwing the Cat, and is grateful that he would commit such a whole -hearted act (Achebe 39). This shows that not only does Okonkwo have the respect of the clan, but also his

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