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-In the Neil Postman book he had a lot of ideas about how we as a people are going to “kill” ourselves. He says this will happen mostly likely by the television. Since television is the fastest and easiest way to get information or entertainment. We will amuse ourselves with lies and “junk” from the TV that we will end up dead from it. He said that the reason television is so unique is because before television is would take at least a week for the radio, newspapers, and journals to report what is happening. The television has changed that to two times a day. Postman had two main points, one with politics and the second is how television is different from pictures and reading. These two points is what I will be discussing. The effect of television on political life and what makes television different from seeing pictures and reading from books. -Postman started off with the politics, so that is how I will start. He starts of wit talking about how Nixon said he was sabotaged by makeup artist. Nixon and Kennedy were the first to have a presidential debate on television. My history teacher, Dr. Crawford, talked about this event in our history. She said that Nixon would have won the presidency if he wasn’t such a bad public speaker. That when he talked on the camera he started to sweat profusely. She said she remember a…show more content…
Postman said that the new has stopped showing real news and just show “news”. The news on television has changed because they said they have to compete to stay on the channel. The news used to tell you what was happening and what will happen to now where they have and hour and a half on the actor who got a gender change instead of what is happening with Isis and such. Postman talked about a reporter that was fired, not because she was bad at her job, for not looking as good as she should. These stations used to tell you what is happening, but now they are just going for the ‘wow factor’. It does not matter if it is true or

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