Negative Essay: How Adults Affect Children's Lives

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Do your chores! Do your homework! Use your manners! These are all sentences used by adults in children’s lives. While they seem like an everyday occurrence, these words are a big factor in kids futures. This is because adults decisions greatly affect children’s lives. This can even be shown on a larger scale, as in war’s and Genocide. While all of this is true, some may say that children create their own future. However, adults are affecting children everyday. The first way that adults affect children’s lives is through war. This can be shown in the article “Armed and Underage” by Somalia upfront magazine when it states, “The war has left him, like many other children here, hard beyond his years. He was abandoned by parents who fled to Yemen, he says, and joined a militia when he was about 7.” This is showing how this child, when abandoned by his parents or the adults in this situation, was left for a hard life in the army. If he were to still be living…show more content…
Something to support this would be shown in the article “Armed and Underage” when Somalia Upfront magazine writes, “‘What do I enjoy?’ Awil asks. ‘I enjoy the gun.’” This would show that when children say that they actually enjoy what they are being told to do, it proves that they are making their own future because they are not doing anything to say no about it. They are not fighting back and they are just encouraging the adults. Conversely, this is untrue because of when Somalia Upfront magazine writes, “‘These kids can be so easily brainwashed,’ Ali says. ‘They don't even have to be paid.’" This is showing how it is not the children’s fault for what they do because the adults are supposedly brainwashing them. The adults decision to brainwash will in fact, affect their future because they won’t be able to tell right from wrong. They have been taught incorrectly. Ultimately, this proves that adults decisions affect children’s

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