Nature By Cs Lewis Chapter 1 Summary

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Chapter 1- C.S. Lewis introduces his view on how he will discuss miracles in the book and gives background information about who he is and what he is not. Chapter 2- After defining what “Nature” will be considered as in the book, Lewis outlines the necessary decision that must be made between whether or not the world is Natural or Supernatural. The analysis of potential types of systems God may have used aims to work towards a distinction between the Natural and the Supernatural. Chapter 3- The discussion in this chapter is about Nature and the fact that reason must be existent in Nature if there is no other outside influence- in fact, everything must have an explanation in Naturalism. Our thinking determines Nature. Chapter 4- C.S. Lewis’ discussion on Nature and Supernature ends with the…show more content…
Chapter 7- Lewis speaks on the character of Nature excluding the possibilities of miracles and discusses the misunderstandings of them. Chapter 8- This chapter analyzes the idea that the Supernature cannot intervene with Nature and deduces that due to Nature’s laws, miracles could not happen solely by Nature. Chapter 9- In Lewis’ opinion, the whole concept of Nature and its laws is lost when humanity sees it as a being of Supernature. Chapter 10- People mainly believe miracles don't exist because there would be no reason for Supernature to involve itself with the Nature, if it truly was the higher power. Chapter 11- Pantheism is discussed in this chapter and Lewis points out that Pantheists may be scared of a God who is all-powerful and they have a fear of miracles that would seem to be inevitable with a IMMINENT/TRANSCENDANT God. Chapter 12- Lewis hits home with the ideas of the Resurrection as a necessary miracle and there is more to life than what we see and miracles give a peek into

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