My STEM Major Biology: My Major Goals In Biology

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I have chosen my STEM major, biology because I love learning how things became to be and function to interact with each other. It is very interesting learning about how an organism such as a plant can affect an aquatic environment. I like how biology is so diverse and broad that deals with many things. It’s a major that requires the comprehension of other essential sciences. So I am able to learn about chemistry, and other types of sciences. Biology has many fields that can open up many different job opportunities. Hence one of my STEM major goals is to have a solid foundation in biology. This is one of my goals because I currently don’t know what I would like to do when I achieve to complete my major. Another goal related to my STEM major is that I want to be able to maybe help out the community.…show more content…
I really want to give back by using the knowledge of science for the good of the people who really need it. Yet a third goal for me is to think more analytically. I really want to be able to solve problems using science or even have a good foundation to act upon the problem presented. Not only do I want to think more scientifically but also have a good understanding of math. I know that math may not relate much to other majors, not STEM-based so having a major like biology can benefit me as it requires further math classes. Math has not always been a strong suit for me but I’m sure it will be required along the way of my future STEM career. All my goals mentioned related to a future STEm career I will achieve in the future because I am aware it might be needed one

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