Negative Effects Of Nasser Alenezi

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Nasser Alenezi in his college life was a young energetic person who wished to do anything of interest at whatever cost. He loved sporting and hanging out with friends in most of his time. He did not have time for his own business or rather even do his homework. As I was curious to know more about his life, he had to tell me so many things about himself, his life and activities. When he was a small boy he did so many things of which some were negative and other positive too. In school teachers referred to him as a naughty boy because of his behavior. He loved listening to music and watching TV and among other things. He loved playing football and has even had a chance to play once in their school team on a friendly match organized by the school. As much as he put more efforts in football, he…show more content…
The first is having too many debts. This can be due the money one borrows from friends, relatives and well-wishers. Nasser is a victim of this this effect. Sometimes he was forced to borrow money from friends after spending all he had been given by his parents. He often felt ashamed to go back to his parents and ask for more money two days after he had collected his pocket money that he was supposed to use for his upkeep for the next two weeks. He often finds it easier to ask for a loan from a friend however he later will find it difficult to return the money. At that moment when he is in need of money, his friends are also demanding their money back of which he is unable to return. Later the debtors may forward a case to the authorities or the parents. Sometimes when the cases reached the parents, they felt hungry with him and reduce the amount of money they spend on him. Nasser felt awkward about the situations he always found himself in and decided to find a way in which he could spend his money in the right way in college but that still was a problem until when he was married and stated taking care of a

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