Mrs. Foster In Roald Dahl's The Way Up To Heaven

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The Way Up To Heaven Have you ever felt trapped by the one person who's supposed to love you? You need to get out but you can’t, so instead you just sit there being quiet not trying to disturb the peace. One person that feels like this a lot is Mrs. Foster from Roald Dahl’s short story, “The Way Up To Heaven.” In the story Mrs. Foster gets fed up with Mr. Foster’s abusive words and actions, making Mrs. Foster alter her personality drastically. Firstly we see Mrs. Foster in a state where Mr. Foster has her on a leash making her beacon on his every need, by belittling her. As the story carries on Mrs. Foster starts to test the boundaries that have been set, and losing her place in the marriage when she states her own opinions. Finally Mrs. Foster is free from her leash, now being her own person altering her personality for the better. By finaly letting go of everything she…show more content…
Throughout the story there have been some major arguments, slowly she gets more and more opinionated, becoming firm in her decisions. Gaining her ground she states: “The club is down town! Not on the way to the airport.” (6) Making it crystal clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. The defining moment when she loses her place is when they were looking for Ellen's gift she firmly states: “WE HAVEN'T GOT TIME! YOU CAN MAIL IT!”(7). Now Mr. Foster is unable to belittle her anymore because she finally won an argument over him, and stood up for her beliefs developing her character to the fullest. When Mrs. Foster unleashes herself from Mr. Foster, it is almost like a different person took over her body. She is no longer scared but firm in her decisions: “Don’t bother about the rug. I’ll get the rug. Please get going!” (7). perfectly describes her new personality. As she grows in her new skin, Mrs. Foster uses it to an advantage like when she states: “....He’ll understand. Cote-O’Brien

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