Mob Hysteria In The Crucible

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Sergio Gomez Ms. Ciotta English III Period 2 20 April 2015 Mass Hypnosis A singer named Bryan White once said “we never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public” ( A ideal incident is the 1962 Ole Miss riots, this was about a african american man named James Meredith being accepted in the University of Mississippi; the riot was due to the amount of racial tension in the south at that time by all white segregation advocates. This is according to the site titled History. The mentality of rioting mobs correlates strongly with mob hysteria. Particularly this phenomenon played a substantial role in the catastrophe of the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy era. A book named The Crucible written by Arthur Miller was staunchly influenced by both events. The McCarthy era and The Crucible are both prime examples of mob hysteria which makes people think unclearly, abandons their morals, ethics, and shows blatant corruption.…show more content…
Evidence of this is “It discomforts me! Last night-mark-this I tried and tried and could not say my prayers. And then she close her book and walks out of the house and suddenly-mark-this I would pray again”(Miller 40). Giles Corey was talking about his wife and saying she was affiliated with devil but has no evidence to prove anything he says. Obviously he is fearful of the events taking place around him so he is jumping to an conclusion about anything that seems odd or suspicious even if it has nothing to do with witchcraft. This is a great example of how someone would report their own wife on the basis of reading books because morals start to gown the drain once the people are scared and fear for their

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