Mitral Valve Case Study

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Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair Van Chung Williams Health Sciences Academy Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair Mitral valve regurgitation (MR) is a condition in which the mitral valve within the heart does not close securely which in turn allows blood to flow backwards into the heart. Consequently, this causes fatigue as the blood cannot be transported to the remaining location within the body efficiently. The treatment for MR depends on the severity of said condition. In this particular case, the patient is a healthy asymptomatic 59 year old man who reported a heart murmur, an unusual sound during a heartbeat that may resemble a swishing noise. Through several echocardiograms and a transesophageal echocardiogram, the…show more content…
According to Fana, Zhang, Xiao, Weng, and Hetzerc (2009), cardioplegia is a substance which preserves and stops the blood from circulating while a heart is open. A ruptured chord tendineae, fibrous strings attached to the leaflets of the heart, is discovered which describes the reasoning behind the leaking of the mitral valve. In order to resect said portion of the posterior leaflet, a ring must be placed inside in order to support the valve structurally. The ring is shaped as exactly as possible to the anterior leaflet. According to Louie, Langholz, Mackin, Wallis, Jacobs, and Scanlon (1995), a leaflet is a cusp that guards the opening of the mitral valve itself. After the ring is placed, the leaflet is sewn back together and the knot is secured. After the left atrium is closed, all the air is monitored and weaned out of the heart through an echocardiogram. Should any air be left within the heart during the reoccurrence of the blood movement, a stroke could occur which may severely endanger the patient. If the repair is inadequate, two options may be carried out. While one is to simply repair the mitral valve once again, the other way is to replace it with a prosthetic valve. However, seeing as the procedure went spectacularly without any other complications, the right lung was re-inflated, and the procedure…show more content…
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