Mercy Otis Warren's Role In The American Revolution

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Mercy Otis Warren was a political writer and poet, she helped with propaganda in the American Revolution. She was born on September 14, 1728 in Barnstable, Massachusetts. She died on October 19, 1814 in Plymouth, Massachusetts which was not very far from her hometown of Barnstable. Also, she died of old age. Her parents were James Otis Senior and her mother is unknown. She had one brother, he was a political figure in the American Revolution. His name was James Otis Jr. Mercy and James grew up in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Mercy had many plays and writings. Her first play was called The Adulateur. This trio was published in 1772 and it foretold the War of Revolution. It was told through Rapatio who was modeled after the Massachusetts governor,

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