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One of the main themes in the Hebrew Bible always repeated in stories in the Book of Genesis was deception. There are assumptions that deception in many people’s definition is a negative aspect that a person may possess. It is something to not be proud of, but ashamed of it in that deception should be punishable; however, the Hebrew Bible portrays it differently. The Hebrew Bible portrays deception as a positive attribute that the deceivers are rewarded for their deception and not punished for it either. The two stories in the Book of Genesis that made deception the main component were about Isaac’s son, Jacob and Esau, and Laban’s daughters, Rachel and Leah. One example that shows deception in the stories of Genesis is the story of Jacob and Esau. Jacob and Esau are twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah ,…show more content…
(Genesis 25:28). It can be assumed through the text that Jacob is the more clever out of the two brothers which facilitates him into deceiving Esau not once, but twice. One scene was when Esau came back from hunting and was hungry asking Jacob for a bowl of lentil soup. Jacob who we know is far more clever responded with “First sell me your birthright” (Genesis 25:31). Here Esau freely gives Jacob his birthright over a bowl of lentil soup shows his carelessness and Jacob’s deceptiveness. Another scene that Jacob had deceived Esau again was when an old, blind, and dying Isaac wanted to give Esau his blessing before he passed away (Genesis 27). Rebekah upon hearing this warned Jacob about the conversation Isaac had with Esau and instructed him to do what she said so that Jacob can receive Isaac’s blessings. This part of Genesis 27 is an important aspect of deception because it is showing that deception is put into a positive view. One instance is when Rebakah, the matriarch of the family, is encouraging Jacob to deceive both his father and older brother by having him pretend to be Esau. This means that Rebekah is paving and encouraging her son to be

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