Mass Migration Among Elephants

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He would often dwell through the area, scooping up grass with his trunk as he went along. Among Elephant’s fellow inhabitants were ferocious predators like Lion, Leopard, and Hyena, who were feared by animals across the land for their voracious appetites and for being expert killing machines. They would wreak havoc on the grass eaters of the savannah, constantly looking for meal after meal and never accepting when enough was enough. Meanwhile, other predators, smaller than the likes of Lion, Leopard, and Hyena, struggled to get just one meal a day. They wouldn’t usually cross Elephant’s path, knowing his strength would likely crush them. Instead, they would pick out the weakest animals, the young, the tired, and the injured. But over time,…show more content…
The mass migration didn’t bother Elephant. It just gave him much more grass to eat. However, Lion, Leopard, and Hyena could no longer kill and eat as they pleased. They had become desperate, and desperate times called for desperate measures. The elite predators, who had become used to fiercely competing for food, had decided to come together as a team and do the unthinkable. They would attempt to hunt down and kill the powerhouse that was Elephant. They would then split his meat between the three of them. Given Elephant’s large size, the predators knew that if they succeeded, they would all be very well fed. They agreed to carry out their plan at night, when they were always the most effective in their hunting. Nightfall came, and the predators’ glowing eyes pierced through the darkness as they set out on their do or die task. Elephant usually slept peacefully at night, but on this occasion, he couldn’t help but feel that he was being watched, and he couldn’t have been more

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