Masculinity In Beer Advertising

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emonstrated by many Budweiser advertisements. Where the models have become directly attached to the bottle of beer. The label of the beer bottle is essentially their “clothes”. The advertisement is quite simple but its impacts are very complicated. Its literally a beer bottle but women are a part of the label and part of the beer. In this case the identity of a female is completely stripped, she has no identity she exists only as a product. The three women pictured are scantily covered with the beer label, so their breasts and buttocks are showed off in a sexual manner. In today’s advertising world there is an argument for sexualized women, that they are autonomous and in control of their sexuality. Rosalind Gill makes arguments that women…show more content…
This is because advertisements sell us emotions and adventure like the first beer ad we saw, but when we buy the product we don't actually experience a life style depicted in the ads. Perhaps because these identities we constantly buy into are not applicable in real life. Masculinity that is sold in beer advertisements is not a realistic depiction of manhood. In fact digesting these identities and trying to live them in real life leads to disappointment, which can explain why it is so hard for individuals to be satisfied with their lives (Schor 2015,…show more content…
By decoding three differently branded beer advertisements it becomes apparent that certain products send out the same messages over and over again. These products tell us how to act, how to look and how to live our lives. Beer is just one example that in the print field has projected the same identities of its consumers again and again. Beer is a manly drink, even though it has the same percentage of alcohol as most coolers. Beer drinkers like socializing and hooking up with women after having one or two. And being a man is much cooler than being a

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