Martin Luther King Strength To Love Analysis

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In Martin Luther King Jr.’s writing of Strength to Love he claims that people must have a tough mind like a serpent and a tender heart like a dove. A tough-minded individual is one who uses incisive thinking, realistic appraisal, and one who uses decisive judgment. He goes on backing his claim by stating to not must give in to the lies and falseness of propaganda. It is those lies and falseness that usually trap those who have soft minds, or those who are easily acceptable to give in and not see through. Dr. King also talks about humans needing to be tender hearted, explaining how those who are tender hearted shows love, and examples of true friendship, has compassion, and personalizes life. He goes on to explain how being selfish, and seeing the world through a mirror of just yourself can lead to a life that endures loneliness and ultimately unhappiness in the end goal of reaching to heaven.…show more content…
As a qualifying statement he goes on to tell us that the respect of the white man can never be won if the people who are being ruled do not strive for a better future, if they stay in the little safety and comfort they have now. Another rebuttal is that there are hardhearted individuals that use violence and corroding hatred to their enemies in hoping to stop them. King explains his opinion in the matter by stating that violence is only a temporary victory, violence creates more problems than it does solve them, and it never results in peace. Dr. King concludes that non-violent resistance should be used to oppose the unjust system. It is in submission to violence that may lead to a victory in justice. Do not use falsehood, malice, hate, or violence in the search of freedom against oppressing

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