Martha Vidal On The Chicano Movement

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In their time, the Chicana Feminist movement made great leaps and accomplished many tasks to benefit the Chicana community. Despite this, the story of how they reached these accomplishments remains virtually untold. Yet, Martha Vidal covered both their struggles and achievements in her article Women:New Voice of La Raza. Through reading this article and researching the Chicano community and movement, I came to the conclusion that Chicana women favoring the Feminist movement over the Chicano movement, ultimately separated the Chicanos (a.k.a Mexican Americans) and weakened them in their fight for equality. This is shown by how Chicano men reacted to and treated Chicanas who chose to primarily fight for feminism. The Malinche tale and its parallels…show more content…
The word Chicano had a primarily negative connotation prior to the Chicano movement, and today is viewed as a symbol of pride and belonging. This pride took time to establish, and community was crucial to this process. A closely knit community, even during times of hardship, can remain strong. This idea served as a motto of sorts to the Chicano community. When the women of the Chicana Feminist movement strayed from this to pursue sex equality, it was seen as a betrayal to the Chicano family. The movement was cause for controversy in many areas, but many disagreed with the idea of Chicana women seeking higher education and professional careers. This feeling generally came from Chicano men, who were not afraid to voice their opinions on the women. They called them traitors, sluts and whores when they chose to support the Feminist movement. A lot of this anger towards the women came from a place of fear.

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