Marble Hills-Personal Narrative

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Not much happens in the sleepy little city of Rimersburg. Whenever the local high school has an event, be it a game or a concert or a play, that's what the residents talk about. If a dog goes missing, a search party is formed to find the lost pooch. If there is a burglary, the entire community bands together to recover whatever it may be. However, something is finally about to happen. Something which will change the lives of everyone in just one of the many nestled valleys of the Marble Hills. Something which will spawn a stream of questions with seemingly no answers. Something which only happens in fairytales. Something very big for the residents of such a small town. A sinister magic is about to grip the bodies of all those living in Rimersburg which will transform them into half-breeds, freaks, monsters.…show more content…
A student dressed in dark clothes sighed and leaned against one of the many tall aspen trees blanketing the rocky white hills surrounding the town. The meeting was to take place deep in the fiery forest outside the local high school, but thus far a certain mysterious shop keeper hadn't shown up. Could they have gotten lost? It wouldn't be suprising, as the forest was maze-like at best, especially to someone new to the town. The sharp ringing of a snapped twig pulled the student from their thoughts, and they stretched in response, flexing muscles which had become stiff and cold from standing out in the chilly autumn air "I'm suprised to see that you really came". The shop keeper's voice was barely audible, but somehow it seemed thunderous amidst the eerie silence of the foothills. The student moved closer, pulling their hood further over their eyes. "We made a deal," the student said, pausing as the shop keeper tilted their head to the side "and I'm not entirely sure I believe that you can really do what you say you

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