Lt. Manion's Anatomy Of A Murder

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Through a series of unfortunate events, Anatomy of a Murder depicts a case of murder with a very tantalizing twist and turns. Lt. Manion killed Barney Quill in cold blood with only one motive: To kill Barney Quill. Paul Biegler, Lt. Manion’s attorney, tries to persuade the jury that Lt. Manion committed his act out of pure insanity, not concentrated/planned murder. Lt. Manion’s wife, Laura Manion, plays a big part in the court case. Mrs.Manion was raped and badly beaten by Barney Quill the night of the murder. This all fades in and out in the court room, even though Mrs. Manion was not the one being trialed. Paul Biegler has Lt. Manion go to a psychiatrist, where he gets diagnosed with “Irresistible impulse”. Irresistible impulse deals with dissociative reaction. Lt. Manion went blank when he saw his wife badly beaten. The following events leading up to killing Barney Quill wasn’t relevant to him at the time due to evident rage. This being the case, it also ties into Lt. Manion being a veteran. Veterans that serve and have kills under their belts, most likely deal with a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. “Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder results when a person has been…show more content…
This appeals to the jury, being simplistic people, to be attached to him right away. The two professional lawyers picking on the little man never looks good to anyone. Mr. Bielger, Mr.Dancer, and Mr.Lodwick all comes to agreement in sight of the judge that it would be okay if Mr. Dancer had eyes on this trial. Mr.Biegler ultimately agrees with this concept. Then Paul pulls being the little man off by objecting when the plaintiffs cross-examining the defense attacks a witness by both putting their inputs in at the same time. Paul boost about this to the judge right in front of the audience, including the jury who had no further knowledge of the discussion before. This, even though it doesn’t seem at first, adds to Mr. Beigler’s

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