Leith And AGWR: Rhetorical Analysis

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ccording to Leith and AGWR, rhetoric is the art of a persuasion where we try to persuade another with our words. Moreover, rhetoric is language at play, it is what inspires, persuades, thrill us. We have been using rhetoric since the day we start living our life. Not only that, but also Rhetoric can also be define as a seeing opportunities to build bridges between where we are and where our audience is by the using the ideas, experiences, and texts etc. which we mainly use to persuade our audience about the way the way of seeing thing from different perspective. Rhetoric is significant to us is because it is something that we all always have around us and most of the time we are always already in the rhetorical situation, it just that many of us do not happened to see them where in the article, Leith tries to mention that rhetoric to a human being is like explaining “water to a fish.” In addition, Rhetoric is very important in our life because to achieve our larger goals we need to find some different ways to build mutual understanding between people and communicate those goals to achieve them.…show more content…
For example, during my sophomore year, when I was trying to switch to Business economics major I was trying to persuade my mother to let me switch to that major because she thought that this was not a good major for me as a girl since I did not have much knowledge about this business as of before, so I have to persuade my mother by explaining her in complete details how business interest me so much that there is nothing else will be better option for me for my future career, just by using rhetoric technique. To start my career in business, it was very important for me to take my mother opinion what she thinks about it as she plays a very important role in my life even though at first it was little hard for me to convince

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