Kracauer's Portrayal Of Boxing

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How Realistic is the Boxing in Rocky Siegfried Kracauer writes: The question is whether the image decisively catches reality. (“The Salaried Masses: Duty and Destruction in Weimer Germany” 68) Kracauer is trying to ask the question of whether or not reality is fully present in what you see. A lot of times we see stuff in the media or magazines and we end up forming an image that we assume is the right image of a certain individual or group of people. We feel that they should act like how we think they should act based on what we have learned to be the assumed truth. For example Kracauer mentions how salaried employees are given a certain standard based on what the public assumes to be the real image of how someone should portray a certain job position. Kracaur used examples of a salesgirl or a draper’s assistant and explained how they are imposed to certain standards in how they are supposed to act based…show more content…
For example, I would like to take a look at Rocky and how the movie’s portrayal of boxing is actually an example of how you might not see a realistic image of a profession through the media. Rocky is a boxing saga filmed between 1975 and the late 1980s. The boxing profession in Rocky is portrayed as a very aggressive and exciting sport. Every fight you see in Rocky is very engaging because the fighters are able to make great punches and draw blood on each other. Real life boxers have to be defensive also and in Rocky we saw more aggressiveness than defensiveness. They are able to take lots of hits and look so beat up, but still be able to stand back up. In reality it would be hard for one to be able to take that many hits and keep fighting. People now might feel that boxing is always supposed to be very aggressive. They might expect all fighters to be able to take punches like the boxers in the film Rocky. People may now have imposed a standard on how real boxers should fight based on boxing

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