Jurgis Rudkus Character Analysis

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The journey and life of Jurgis Rudkus is an ideal illustration by Upton Sinclair who uses the character to present the socialism that dominated the Americans workers that had no choice in life other than to adhere to what was required of them. Jurgis is a young man that believes in his hard work and desire to support his wife Ona Lukoszaite by the virtue of their better living in the harsh life during the industrial time. Jurgis’s moral values decline slowly throughout each chapter of his life as it plunges downward (Sinclair, 1988). In the start, he is firmly devoted to his family alongside the positive attitude for the new country that he is yet to work and live. With time, he finds it harder to withstand the brutal conditions of work and…show more content…
His decisions were poor as he rarely put them to thought before making them and never foresee the implications for them, for example, he indulges into makes his way to the countryside where he earns and drinks the earnings despite the status of his family. American character can be so immense and diverse that may be hard to describe the definite characteristic is presented in this narrative. However, the American characteristics can be compared to a Lawyer that can be characterized by three traits; greedy, hypocritical, and hardworking (Potter, 2009). American and lawyers despite their devotion to their tasks and hard work are often perceived negatively and are shunned for their hypocrisy and greed. Rudkus is a person with both the good and bad side of the character. He is often eager to work and does not let anything deter him from his confidence in working by himself without any assist from anyone. With the fact that he needed money, he did everything and anything to achieve his goals. Despite his harsh endurance, he strives hard towards his dreams and keeps his head high. His determination is also noticed through the good impression he makes on his boss and promptly reporting to work in the early morning. Rudkus is also seen as a caring man with the primary goal of protecting

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