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Jaye Rhee is a multimedia artist who displayed her work at the Picker Art Gallery. She explores a wide range of disciplines within the visual and performing arts in order to discuss themes such as the human body and perception. This can be seen persistently in the pieces that are displayed in the gallery. There are about eight pieces found in the gallery. When entering the room, one sees television screens placed close together in a horizontal line. They correlate with each other and display black and white images. The animation is men and women dressed in black moving in a dancing matter. There are horizontal lines placed in the bottom of the people’s feet. In respect to what Rhee is trying to portray, the channel video installation with…show more content…
The image shows movements for colors and lines. Rhee uses dimensional figures, rectangles and stacks them on top of each other. There are seven two-dimensional rectangles that have the colors of the rainbow on the side. It starts with red and ends with purple. The other sides of the rectangles are images of the animation. Therefore, they show the movement of the people as music notes. The next piece that was displayed in the gallery was also animation. The animation had background music which was soothing when viewing the animation. There were gray to white rectangles that had pink dropping at making a popping sound. I discovered that the pink objects where Big League Chew Bubble Gum that when dropped on the rectangular surfaces, it made a popping sound. It was fascinating to watch and hear because it was rather comfortable and soothing. The image automatically reminds one of cherry blossoms which is the title of the piece. Another work created by Rhee is another animation piece. It was a woman performing a ballerina dance. One can hear the sound of her movement on the wooden floor. She was in the center of an almost empty room that had a large window that had a great view of the top of a city. Moreover, when viewing this

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