How Does Agnes Grey's Character Change Throughout The Novel

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How a character develops is one of the most important parts in any given novel. When a narrative moves forward characters grow in their personalities and qualities. Usually their basic morals and nature are kept in tacked, but become more advanced through events playing out in the novel. By learning from mistakes or dealing with traumatic events a character evolves to become a better person than they were before. Much like Agnes, the main protagonist in the novel Agnes Grey, who goes through similar revelations in her character. Agnes Grey begins with Agnes’ family having a comfortable life and then taking a turn for the worse following a faulty business venture. Agnes decides she wants to help her family make a living by becoming a governess,…show more content…
Following the Grey’s financial crisis her father begins to go into a state of depression. Her mother and sister would do the daily chores and errands, while Agnes is given small tasks or sent away. Everyone tells her there is not any work for her to do or they would rather complete it themselves (Brontë 540). Not being of any aid to her family frustrates Agnes claiming that she is, “…not [in] many degrees more useful than my kitten” (Brontë 540). However, when the opportunity finally arrives Agnes boldly grasps it; telling her family she wants to become a governess. Believing it will help her family and put the skills she does know to practice. Her wish to become a governess shows Agnes’ innate kindness, as well as her dedication to family. Not to mention the fact her kindness along with her dedication is very much the core of her character. Regardless of these qualities, more underlying reasons lead to Agnes’ decision to become a governess such as, her…show more content…
Following Mrs. Bloomfield’s proclamation that Agnes’, “…character and general conduct were unexceptional” (Brontë 564). The Bloomfield's fire Agnes, sending her home in a humiliating defeat, along with a blow to her self-confidence. Still, Agnes does not despair long, in fact she makes the choice to try again deciding that, “…everybody is not like Mr. and Mrs. Bloomfield” (Brontë 566). Setting herself on a new course Agnes follows a new path for redemption. The bold choice to try again, not only solidifies what we know about her character; her kindness; her dedication to her family; and her wish for independence. It establishes an evolution in her character, someone who is now wiser and more mature, even hopeful. She keeps all her basic traits, but now recognizes her mistakes and understands what she now must do. Formulating new goals along with her old ones, allowing her to become a stronger

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