Indianapolis 500: Competitive Advantage Ticket

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The Indianapolis 500 is coming up on its 100th year anniversary. It is considered one of the most important and prestigious car races, comparable in status to the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The races can draw up to 300,000 fans, with a 250,000-seat capacity. Due to the large attendance, ticket revenue is extremely important. Ticket revenue can bring in a lot of money and are a demanding field. For example, tickets for the 100th race in 2016 range from fifty dollars to two hundred and thirty dollars for a single race (Indianapolis 2016). The price difference is based on the view from the seat and the space afforded around the seat. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s website shows that a fifty-dollar ticket will get you a seat situated in the terrace area. The view is somewhat far from the track, but it is still a clear view nonetheless. A two hundred dollar ticket will get you a penthouse box seat. The seat provides more space and a better view. In the more expensive seats you will get special treatment, such as a special entrance and free food. Along with the terrace and penthouse, fans have the option of purchasing tickets on the platforms surrounding the track or purchasing a general admission ticket. Each section has room for wheelchairs, which is useful for fans with disabilities. By having a variety of seats and prices, the Indianapolis 500 can bring…show more content…
Just like a season ticket waiting list for the NFL, the Indianapolis 500 has a system for distributing tickets. The race requires fans to fill out an application for tickets. The application asks about the number of years you have bought tickets and asks you to rank your preferred seats. As the race gets closer, fans are told which seats they received. The longer you have had tickets, the more likely you are to get your first choice (2016 Indianapolis). This system helps thank loyal fans for continuing to come and allows new fans to participate

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