Russia's Latest False Election Summary

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Suffering constantly surrounds us. It’s incessant, but easy for those who are uninvolved to ignore. Many fall victim to this way of living. Aristotle suggests that happiness is the supreme end for many individuals’ decisions. I believe people ignore the suffering of others in attempt to live in an illusion of happiness. In the article “Russia’s Latest Fake Election,” Maximum Trudolyubov discusses how the local and gubernatorial elections in Russia may appear to be accountable to its people, but are actually a facade of democracy as the results are predetermined by the Kremlin. This political system is a paradox and unfair to the Russian people. Although people are aware of this unjustness from the news, they fail to take a stand and help those who struggle. By pushing aside self-interests and exerting efforts into helping others, one will utilize his highest function of being and as a result, will reside in a state of contentment.…show more content…
This special function sets human beings apart from all other animals on earth. Instead of hiding in a bubble of artificial happiness, one must seize his reason and contemplate the suffering of the Russian people. Because the elections infringe on any opposition to the Kremlin, Russians are unable to elect a new leader. While only one region, Kostroma oblast east of Moscow, allowed the Democratic Coalition to run, it resulted in “the arrests of anti-Kremlin candidates” (Trudolyubov) and impaired voting. This led to the main pro-Kremlin party, United Russia, to triumph in almost all the elections. Trudolyubov was not surprised by United Russia’s success for its candidates “enjoyed access to unlimited resources and dominated the airwaves.” Though there are elections, Russian people have absolutely no say in who their elected leader is. This corrupt system strips away the fundamental rights of the Russian

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