Fahrenheit 451 Week 1 Quiz

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1. Note any words or phrases that are unfamiliar to you or that are used in a special sense. Define them and be sure to record the page number. a. Frigate: a square-rigged warship. (pg. 5) b. Cosmography: a science that describes and maps the main features of the heavens and the earth, including astronomy, geography and geology. (pg. 9) c. Sumptuously: entailing great expense, as from choice materials, fine work, ect. (pg. 10) d. Cimarrones: bands of runaway slaves hostile to the Spanish. (pg. 14) 2. Note at least three people (or events) who have influenced this period of history as discussed this chapter. Gives their names and contribution. Note the page number where each person is discussed. a. Sir Humphrey Gilbert: led a fleet out of Plymouth, England to colonize and take possession of north America for Queen…show more content…
Walter Ralegh: “Gilberts half-brother and close business partner.” Ralegh followed in his older half brothers step and led fleets to American soil to set up colonization for Queen Elizabeth, and was also Queen Elizabeth’s lover. (pgs. 6-39) c. Queen Elizabeth: Ruler of England, gave Sir Humphrey and Walter permission to explore North America and was Walter Ralegh’s lover. (pgs. 5-38) 3. What particulars in this reading seem especially significant, noteworthy or add significantly to the historiography of this period? Items may be anything – a process, a person, an idea presented by the textbook editors, the authors of the articles, historical figures or events discussed in the documents, or something you have thought about or questioned during your reading. Note the item, brief description, and page number where discussed. Sir Humphrey and Walter Ralegh’s fleets to North America were significant to the days discussed. They went through trial and error, even willing to give their lives for the furthering of England’s prosperity. 4. Develop a question to ask the rest of the class about the chapter. “How” and “Why” questions are especially

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