How Did The Second Continental Congress Manage The American Rebellion

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KEY TERMS: Conciliatory Proposition- Plan whereby Parliament would “forbear” taxation of the Americans who were in the colonies whose assemblies imposed taxes considered satisfactory by the British government. Committee of Safety- Any of the extralegal committees that directed the revolutionary movement and carried on the functions of government at the local level in the period between the breakdown of royal authority and the establishment of regular governments. Minute Men- Special companies of militia formed in Massachusetts and elsewhere beginning in late 1774. Second Continental Congress- Convened in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775, the Second Continental Congress called for the patchwork of local forces to be organized into the Continental Army, authorized the formation of a navy, established a post office, and a printed paper continental dollar to meet its expenses.…show more content…
• The Continental Congress assumed executive functions the Crown had once performed. It took order of the army, authorized the creation of a navy, ran the post office, conducted Indian negotiations, and printed paper money. The first Congress was adjourned in October of 1774. • Everybody that was in the congress who expected that the imperial crisis would be resolved without a need for war. But, when the representatives met again in Philadelphia of 1775, it was too late because they war had already started. The soldiers had hobbled from Concord back into Boston that was surrounded by a force of a patriot army from almost all areas in New England. What were the key differences between the British and American forces? • British had a far bigger and better skill with a well-disciplined professional army. The Americans, who discovered that their armies would not be enough, they ended up having to make their own Continental Army. They also, ended up having to learn how to train their own soldiers on their

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