Homer's Odyssey: Odysseus Vs. Helen

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In Book 4 of Homer’s Odyssey, Menelaus and Helen are having dinner with Telemachus and their guests. During their dinner, Menelaus and Helen each tells story to tell about Odysseus at Troy. However, between their stories, there seems to have slightly different point they are trying to share, other than about Odysseus; Helen seems to appear mainly in both of Menelaus and Helen’s story. In Menelaus’ story, Helen seems to appear as persuading and her craftiness against Greek while Helen states she was in heroic act of helping Odysseus to battle against Achaeans, while she was too, states was on the side of Achaeans, helping. In addition, Helen explains how she helped Odysseus who were scarring his own body with strokes, rags on his back, with all disguised of a beggar by recognizing him first, took care of him, help him not reveal himself to Trojans, and helped him get back to himself. “Scarring his own body with mortifying strokes, throwing filthy rags on his back like…show more content…
Menelaus starts his story by complementing and acknowledging Odysseus who played a major role by caughting Helen’s craftiness. Menelaus states that Helen was on the side of Trojans at the time; Helen came around knocking on the horses and calling each man with voice of their wives--tries to trick and uncover the Greek soldiers who were inside of the horse by imitating the voices of their wives. “Three times you sauntered round our hollow ambush, feeling, stroking its flanks, challenging all our fighters, calling each by name--yours was the voice of all our long-lost wives!” (p.133 309-313) This also states, Helen’s dishonor of her husband well as of herself and also represent her powers of persuasion and her

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