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Aeneas, son of goddess and a mortal, was a leader during and after the Trojan War. According to Greek and Roman stories, the gods were kind enough to warn Aeneas that Troy was going to be destroyed. There are several Greek stories about Aeneas, but they are all much shorter and less elaborate than the Roman stories. The Greek stories get lost and mixed up after Aeneas left to start a new kingdom, but the Roman version continues. Although the Greek and Roman version of Aeneas’ expedition after the war vary, we can conclude that Aeneas was a brave leader during and especially after the Trojan War. Aeneas was the son of Aphrodite, a goddess, and Anchises, a mortal man. Despite that Aphrodite was not supposed to lay in the bed of a mortal, she did. Aphrodite sent Aeneas to be raised by nymphs until he was a small boy in hopes that no one would discover that Aeneas was her son. At the age of five, Aphrodite let Anchises raise him as long as he promised to not to tell anyone that she was Aeneas’ mother. One night Anchises was drunk on wine and bragged to his friends that his son’s mother was Aphrodite.…show more content…
Similarly to one of the Greek versions, Aeneas received messages from the gods telling him to leave Troy. Holding his son’s hand and carrying his father on his back, Aeneas led his followers, the Aeneads, out of the burning city to Mount Ida (Aeneas - Wikipedia, 1). In the chaos, Aeneas lost contact with his wife, Creusa; he came back to look for her, but never saw her again. Once Aeneas and his followers were all safe on Mount Ida, they started building ships. After many months of building, they were finally able to set sail and head for Italy, where Aeneas would found present day Rome. Their journey was full of many obstacles. Aeneas and the Aeneads faced many monsters and powerful storms, but nevertheless Aeneas led his men until they landed on the coast of North Africa (Parada,

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