HD In Public Services Essay

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I have always been interested in a career in the public service because it can allow me to improve on my personal skills as well as make an impact on the community. Doing HND in public services will help expand on my knowledge of the public service and also help improve my skills for joining the public services. Public service subject interest me because it can help in giving me an understanding of what the public services do as well as the government and other possible employment options in the public service. I think I’m suitable for this course because I have already studied BTEC diploma in level 3 uniformed public services also the skill that I have make me suitable to the course and they are leadership and teamwork I know this because I have done level 2 sports leaders and passing it by being able to plan and organise the sports session then leading it either by myself or with another person or two by me leading with another person this allow me to improve upon my skills of teamwork as well also because I work in work in retail it helps me improve communication and teamwork skills which are what also make ne suitable for the course.

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