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1. The negative psychological impact of the “guy code” is that it forces young men to shut down their emotions entirely and become sterner with showing no inner emotions. Many people think that boys who spend too much time with their mother will eventually become a mama’s boy; these young boys are expected to leave behind their feelings of compassion, sympathy, vulnerability and nurturance in hopes that they will become more of a man. Young boys are taught not to cry in order to suppress their emotions; crying is viewed as being weak and vulnerable. Not expressing your emotions and concerns makes it difficult to have healthy friendships and relationships with others because you’re constantly putting on a front in hopes that your peers will accept you. “William Pollock calls this the “mask of masculinity, The fake front of impervisons, unemotional, Independence, a swaggering posture that boys believe will help them to present a stoic front” (Kimmel 469). This is the reason why boys are more likely to become depressed, have suicidal behavior and have out-of-touch behavior than girls. b. The girl code is described as the values, ideas that help women to learn how to act and behave like a proper woman. When author Michael Kimmel asked young women what they thought it meant to be a woman they gave looks…show more content…
Males are privileged in North American society because their attributes are highly valued and any other characteristics that may be linked to maleness. It is believed that the cultural superiority of males is a natural outgrowth and that female characteristics are thought to be intrinsic to childbirth, childcare and breastfeeding. Women are thought to depend on men for maintenance of mother-child units. Females are assumed to revolve around heterosexual relationships and caring for children, resulting in a warm nurturing environment. Men are viewed to be higher ranking than women, actions such as aggressiveness and intimidation center the appearance of

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