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I had a thrill teaching and advising Gursewak Singh during his masters at Upstate Medical University. One trait that really sets Gursewak apart from others is his willingness to complete the task at hand at any cost. He does not give up on his goals. He is an extremely committed, hard working, and delivers solutions efficiently. He committed countless hours working on biomedical research and his thesis in my lab. His research focused on the pathological spinal abnormalities in a new Robo3 knockout mouse model of horizontal gaze palsy with progressive scoliosis (HGPPS). In one of his experiments, he put in many hours of blindly counting the number of motor neurons in the spinal cords of both Robo3 knockout and control mice. This task took him months. He did find a certain trend but more data needs to be calculated. Even though this experiment didn’t give him the results he wanted, he didn’t give up. He moved on to the next experiment and was even willing to recount them again. With his…show more content…
He was always helpful to other lab mates and lab techs, even teaching them different lab protocols techniques or helping them with any questions. At first he had difficulty adapting to graduate school but after a while, he was able to grasp more knowledge and even be competitive against other PhD and MD students in his classes. Master students at Upstate Medical University take all of their classes with PhD students. He preformed well in his introduction to neuroscience medical school class, getting one of the top grades out of the graduate students. Gursewak is keen in prioritizing his time, which will be great help to him when facing the rigors of optometry school. Gursewak Singh is up to date on new developments in eye vision research by shadowing multiple optometrists and witnessing many ophthalmology research seminars during his study at Upstate Medical

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