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HOW TO BECOME A GREAT BASKETBALL PASSER Article SEO Description: To become a great basketball passer is necessary to be called as a real player of basketball. More you have passing skills it would be more challenging for your opponents to stop you. They would be more troubled about giving you any space and become more conscious about covering you. So if you need more baskets and lead your team to high points, you need to be and you have to be a good passer. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ARTICLE: Being a Good Passer: Every basketball guard has a question in his mind that how to become a great basketball passer? Being an excellent passer is like becoming the backbone of your basketball…show more content…
Good passers and guards are relied upon to score more and more. But players don’t practice passing much because they found it tedious and boring although passing and defense are at the top of basketball and a great passer is an asset for the team and a great passer guard is difficult to…show more content…
The difference between an average and good passer is a good passer knows when and what kind of pass is to make. Several following steps must be taken to become a good passer. Every player wants to be all rounded and a sound rounded player is admired by the audience in college or in NBA. 1. Widen Your Vision: When you have a clear and improved vision about the game, as a passer you will notice when your teammates are open to pass. By improving your vision you will do best defenses by making no passes and passes whenever the right time comes. 2. Firm Passes: Whenever you make a pass make it crispy and solid. You must be a quick and strong passer but pass that much hard that your partner can catch it easily. Do not try to make weak passes otherwise your opponent can get a chance to snatch it. 3. Pass in right Direction: Always have an eye on your teammate’s position and pass the ball to them in the right direction means where they are going but not straight to them, it will increase the chance of losing the ball. Pass the ball where you think your teammates are

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