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Good morning everyone, today I will be speaking about how the government should trial for GPS monitoring for high risk perpetrators of domestic and family violence. First of all how many of you know the statistics of women who are killed due to domestic and family violence? ONE woman is killed nearly every WEEK in Australia, and 7 in 10 women murdered in Australia, are victims of Family violence. Today I will be talking about how GPS tracking keeps victims safe, how it can help detain predators, and how GPS tracking can help raise awareness of this topic, and lower domestic violence incidences. So, Domestic violence is a form of violence that can occur within any relationship (family or intimate partner). There are many different types of domestic violence, including social, physical, sexual and emotional, and can affect people of any age. It does not have to be within the home to be classified as domestic violence. Domestic violence is about power and control and there are many ways this control can be expressed. Victoria Police family violence incident reports…show more content…
All of these considerations should be made and passed immediately! Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said in a statement earlier in September that "Shocking events in Queensland and Victoria have once again highlighted the need for urgent and meaningful action to tackle the scourge of family violence in Australia.” I agree. Domestic and family violence is a crime! The use of GPS tracking can help detain predators once again if they commit the act for a second time. The use of this product can also help high risk perpetrators not to act in the unlawful way again due to having the GPS tracker on

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