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Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina was a well-known composer of the Renaissance period. Pierluigi was born in Palestrina, Italy in 1525, he lived in the period of Catholic Counter- Reformation and this contributed to his conservative approach to religious music. He is best known for his work as an Italian Renaissance composer of sacred music. His musical influence led to the development of church music. (Stevens) Pierluigi’s musical influence started at a young age, as a child in 1537 it is known that he studied music in Rome, and was also a choir boy in the Santa Maria Maggiore basilica, from 1537-1539. In 1547 after spending a many years in the cathedral, teaching music, and occupying the position of primary organist at the cathedral St. Agapito. Gioanni Pierluigi de Palestrina married his bride Lucrezia Gori, and she bore him three sons, Rodolfo, Angelo, and Iginio. After completing his family, Pierluigi received his first big break, when he was able to assume his first position as papal as the musical…show more content…
( The cantus firmus can be found in many of Pierluigi’s masses, specifically, Ecce sarcerdos magnus L’homme arme. and various others. Another favorite technique of Pierluigi’s that is embedded into his works is the parody. A parody is a technique used where the artist changes or copies an existing musical idea. The parody was found implanted all throughout Pierluigi’s music, particularly his composed masses. (Stevens)Pierluigi is a composer that will always be remembered for his palestrinian style, and tradition. His music supplied the formal system sacred music has been founded on. He will always be knowns as a senior figure in the development of the Palestrianian style. A style that incorporates smoother polyphonic texture and a melody that contains dissonance between notes. Giovanni Pierluigi is great and well known composer of the Renaissance period. His contributions to music have helped shape and develop music as a

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