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The Ultimate Femme Fatale: Gilda One of the most influential movies for women following World War II is the classic film noir Gilda. The 1940’s was a defining decade for women in the United States of America. After the end of World War II, the women who had previously replaced men in factories did not know if they would be treated as equals, or as housewives like before. Women in motion pictures decided to take matters into their own hands and the femme fatale sub category of film noir reached new heights. Gilda was released in 1946 and immediately became controversial due to the film exploring storylines never seen before, and pushing the sexual envelope. The main character of the motion picture which the film is named after, never let a…show more content…
The film was directed by Charles Victor, and supported what would later become an all-star cast. Glenn Ford played narrator/con man Johnny who decided to change his gambling ways to work for casino boss Mr.Mundson. George Macready played Mr.Mundson, a dangerous casino boss who would stop at nothing to get what he wants. The breakout star of the film is Rita Hayworth whose portrayal of Gilda is considered her best to date. The setting is set in Argentina and the story details Johnny agreeing to work for Mr.Mundson, later finding out that Mr.Mundson is newly married to his ex-lover Gilda. Johnny and Gilda’s love hate relationship proves to be the theme of the movie, and eventually Johnny would have to pick between his loyalty to Mr.Mundson and his love for Gilda. The twist and turns of the movie’s plot matches perfect with the film noir genre, and is accompanied well by the black and white film. Although the music did not stand out much in the film, the camera angles were very strategic. In a scene where Johnny and Gilda come home after a late night and Mr.Mundson is waiting at the door, director Charles Victor uses the dark silhouette of Mr.Mundson to portray the dangerous character. The lack of facial features in the scene represents the lack of compassion Mr.Mundson has, and how he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The director used close shots for the emotional scenes to sway the audiences’ feelings while watching the film, and ultimately showcased the talent of the

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