Arguments Against Plea Bargaining

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Plea Bargain Plea-bargaining has been a topic for the class discussion a few weeks ago. I would like to elaborate deeper on this issue as I believe that some people still have incomplete information about it. Plea bargains are used in criminal cases so that it expedites the case. Instead of going to the lengthy jury trial, the criminal works with the state to reach an agreement. The process involved pleading guilty for a lighter sentence. Plea-bargaining, as everybody knows, cut cost so that the tax money is being saved. However, plea-bargaining can also force an innocent people into accepting the deal. According to the utilitarian theorist, plea-bargaining is indeed a very beneficial technique to save money while everybody is happy. Kant…show more content…
To speak of plea bargain, prisoner’s dilemma should also be explained. According to the prisoner’s dilemma, criminal 1 and criminal 2 are arrested and imprisoned from stealing a television. These two criminals are being held in separate room in the police station. The problem is that the prosecutor does not have enough evidence to charge both of them. However, the prosecutor wants them to at least get a sentence. Let’s say that the penalty of grand theft is up to one year in prison. The prosecutor then brings up the plea bargain to make deal with the criminals. There are three possible outcomes from this plea…show more content…
It is a discussion whether or not to allow its existence in the legal system. If there were no plea bargain, many criminals would walk free. If there is a plea bargain, many innocent would be put into jail. We do not have a scale to weigh the benefit between these two possibilities. I believe that plea bargain, no matter how much it can save the money for tax payers, time, or workload, should be used in the most rational discretion. I do not think that plea bargain will offer a perfect resolution for the legal system. When we are dealing with legal system, we are dealing with people. I believe that everyone has different opinion on many instances. If a police and prosecutor believe that a man is guilty, but lack evidence, then how can they be sure

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