George Orwell's Hills Like White Elephant

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Hills like White Elephant For my essay I decide to go with my favorite short story so far which is Hills like White Elephant. I chose this story mainly because when I was reading It, I began to have too much anger and emotion towards it. The story was very short and straight forward especially with the conversations between the two characters. From the awkwardness of the two of them just sitting there not saying much I knew there was something going on that they were either trying to avoid because they weren’t sure exactly how to handle the situation maturely. By them ordering drinks especially big ones at that I could tell the situation or problem they were in was stressing the both of them out to the point where they needed some kind of alcohol…show more content…
It's a gift almost like a gift that no one ever wants. So I started thinking well something unexpected probably happen in their relationship that either they both didn't want to happen or at least one of them didn’t. Was she pregnant? I asked myself this mainly because that's usually the only thing that can happen unexpectedly in a relationship. This was a possibility. My theory was she found out she was pregnant and the two of them agreed that it probably wasn't the best idea to bring a child into a relationship that was unstable. Although I could tell she kind of didn't want the baby a piece of her keep hinting that she might actually consider it. I think she might have wanted to keep the baby if her boyfriend was more supportive but apparently he was not. He said "I've known lots of people who have done it" she then said she knew some people as well and she explained how happy they all were afterwards (page 214). To her this was almost clarifying that if she did agree to do the operation that it might actually save her relationship and they could both be happy again. If I was in her shoes I would ask myself. Is this really the type of relationship I want to be in? Although she seems very unhappy it's very clear that she isn't ready to give up on this relationship just

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