Why Is Taco John's Unhealthy

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People don’t even realize how unhealthy you are really eating when they are eating at fast food restaurants. Everyone nowadays go out to fast food restaurants not thinking about whether they should be. One of those unhealthy fast food restaurants is Taco John’s. Taco John’s has been around since 1968. The restaurant can be located in 27 states with 415 locations. Some reasons that Taco John’s is unhealthy is that they are greasy and gross, have many grams of fats, and a meal contains lots of calories. Some people argue that Taco John’s food is fast and money saving. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean that you should eat there. All fast food restaurants are fast and money saving, but that doesn’t make it healthy. If you want…show more content…
When you have a taco, burrito, or a burger you also get a bunch of grease along with it. One person even said that, “... the tacos are always smoked in grease.” Many people agree with that and say that when there is that much greases that the food is gross. But the grease doesn’t only make it gross, it makes it unhealthy too. Another reason Taco John’s is unhealthy is, a meal at Taco John’s contains many grams of fat. For the meal of a Taco Burger and the side of Potato Oles you would be getting about 50 grams of fat. This doesn’t include a drink. For an average day you should be getting 44-78 grams a fat. For a Burger and a side you would be getting as many grams of fat that you need that day. You should not be getting all your grams of fat in one meal and to many grams a day can be unhealthy. Along with having lots of fats in a meal, a meal at Taco John’s contains many calories. In a day the average person should eat about 2000 calories. Well if you were to get a Taco Burger and a regular sized side of Potato Oles you would be consuming 950 calories, almost half of your calorie intake. This doesn’t even include a drink of dipping sauce. This leaves you with 1050 calories for two other meals and whatever you snack on that day. I would not like to take in half my calories in one meal, and you shouldn’t

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