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“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -- Winston Churchill. People do not realize the truth in this statement. This quote means that success will not last forever, and failure is not fatal; Having the courage to keep moving forward is what it takes to truly win or succeed. Progress is made through failures; rarely is anything achieved from the first attempt. Success is attained through diligence and perseverance; failures will be made, but they have to be vanquished in order to accomplish things. Those in the story of The Freedom Writers learned these things. Erin Gruwell learned that her goals would not be accomplished easily, but that she’d have to learn from her failures in order to achieve her goals. Eva Benitez learned that her life was worth it and that doing the right thing may not be easy but she can do…show more content…
She had arrived at her job expecting it to be easy and fun. However, her expectations were not met when her students were troublesome and mischievous. They did not wish to listen to her instructions and tried to skip her class all together. Despite these difficulties Mrs. Gruwell did not give up and pushed harder to find the solutions to overcome her failures. When the students didn’t do their homework, she came up with a new method that made them want to do their work. If the students misbehaved or fought in class, Erin came up with a way for them to bond and get along. Despite failing numerous times she never quit; Erin Gruwell persevered throughout all of the hard times and used her mistakes to learn and make herself better. Mrs. Gruwell invested all of her time and energy into surpassing her failures and worked diligently in order to make sure that she would achieve her goals. She used her failures to improve herself and make sure that she

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