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Throughout Dubliners we learn that most of the main characters experience epiphanies.Each of the sections in Dubliners have their own similarities.Childhood revolved mostly around paralysis in adulthood. Childhood includes “The Sisters”,”An Encounter” and “Araby”. From these three stories we can interpret that all the epiphanies are ,in some way, related to the awareness of paralysis in adulthood. Paralysis can occur due to many reasons but from the three stories in “Childhood” we can conclude that paralysis is usually the result of being restrained to some kind of authority. In “The Sisters” it is revealed to the narrator that his idol/mentor had passed away. This gets the narrator thinking about the paralysis in adulthood. The narrator experiences this when he finds out that his mentor died. This is the story in “Childhood” which introduces/brings to light…show more content…
This girl asks him to go to the bazaar and buy her something. However when he reaches the bazaar he overhears a conversation. This conversation leads to the epiphany that the narrator experiences. He realizes that he was in the prime position for becoming a paralytic in adulthood. He is conflicted about his views on Mangan’s sister. He does not know whether his conversation with her are meaningful or trivial. After it is revealed to the narrator that Mangan’s sister can not go to the bazaar he makes a promise.“It’s well for you,” said Mangan’s sister in response to this the narrator says “If I go, I said, I will bring you something”(Araby, Page 24, Lines 10-11)).In these conversation between the narrator and Mangan’s sister we can see that he is making a promise to her. However he is subconsciously restraining himself to Mangan’s sister. This is shown when he promises to buy her something from the bazaar even though he isn't forced to. Which will eventually, unless stopped, will result in paralysis in

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