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I still have her collar and I miss her tremendously. Even the thought of thinking about her makes me want to cry. My dog’s name was Mojo and she was a curly-coated retriever. Mojo had a check-up at the vet around noon. Before we left my mother let her out to go to the bathroom. As my dog went to the bathroom, I saw a snake slither across the cement. “MOM! SNAKE!! I started yelling. “THERE’S A SNAKE!!” Then I started screaming, “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!” In that moment I was terrified and I felt helpless because I could not do anything to help my dog. When my mom her me she wanted to get Mojo in the house as soon as possible. “Come here Mojo” She said in a concerned voice. Mojo started to trot back to my mother, and the snake was slithering…show more content…
Marline took my mother out of the room and all I could hear were muffled voices. I thought to myself what if Mojo has to be killed...but she couldn't, she is a strong dog after all, she has eaten numerous amounts of chocolate without getting sick. Mojo was a strong dog but a dog is always a fool when there is food on the ground. One time during a halloween when she was four or five she ate a bunch of M&M’s when the split under the table where she was lying but I quickly called her name and she came right to me. Then my mom and sister ended up cleaning up all the M&M’s. Marline and my mom came back in and said that we could leave. I sensed that she was lying but I couldn’t really tell. My mother was told to come back in a week with the only her and the dog. I thought why was this this, but I didn’t think much about it, I am so excited to go to Big Bear for winter break! And we get to bring our two other dogs Teddy and Esco. We climbed back in the car and went to McDonald’s. I was so hungry. The week flew by but I was so happy to spend mounds of time with Mojo, I even convinced my parents to let her sleep in my…show more content…
“I'm very sorry honey,” She said, “The vet said we had to put her down...” At this moment I had felt as though someone punch me in the gut and spilled boiling water all over me. I started to cry. I cried so hard I started coughing and then I felt as if I was going to throw up. “I thought you were going to try to save her!” I exclaimed still crying. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”my mother kept saying. Dee was stronger than I was but she still cried. We had to rush out of the house now because my mom came back a little later than expected. I was trying to calm myself but it was really hard because I loved and missed Mojo very much. It was still pretty early, around sevenish and I began to fall asleep because all that crying made me really tired. The drive was about three to five hours long. I woke up and we were still driving up a mountain and everything was covered in white frozen water… SNOW! WOW it was all so beautiful, all that white. I’m so excited now and I can’t wait to go sledding when we get to the cabin. Ooo I wonder what the cabin will look like. Both my dogs had woken up now. We were approaching the a long line of cabins. My dad parked the car and exited it. He went into a building which appeared to be the place where we check

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