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DENTAL FILLINGS What is a dental filling? A dental filling is the restoration of a tooth with an artificial, biocompatible material. The dental restorative materials usually have properties similar to that of a natural tooth. When do you need a tooth filling? You may need a dental filling in either of the following conditions: Dental cavity - The dissolution and destruction of tooth structure occur during a tooth decay. This results in the formation of a cavity which should be restored with a dental filling. Sensitivity of teeth - The ‘wear and tear’ of the protective layer of the tooth due to forceful brushing, chewing tobacco or consumption of acidic drinks may lead to sensitivity of teeth. The dentinal tubules get exposed and you may experience a sharp pain while…show more content…
Apart from this, inlays and onlays are indirect restorations that are fabricated in a dental laboratory. How long does the treatment take? We choose the restorative material according to your personal clinical situation. The steps in the treatment may vary according to the type of restorative material. In a dental filling, your dentist removes the decay, shapes the cavity and then fills it with a suitable restorative material. In some clinical situations, the procedure may be done after the administration of local anesthesia. Usually, dental amalgam fillings, composite restorations, and GIC fillings can be completed in a single sitting. However, if you have an extensive cavity and we decide to go for an inlay or onlay, then an extra appointment may be needed. For inlays and onlays, after cutting and shaping the tooth, we take the impression of your tooth and send a model to the laboratory. The inlay/onlay is fabricated in the laboratory and we cement it on your tooth in the next appointment. After the restoration is done, we always check the occlusion and polish the filling. What are the benefits of dental

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