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Careerizma: Can you share a little about your growing up years? Pragya: I was always an introvert person till the unfortunate incident happened to me and I realised I need to speak up for myself and my closed ones. As a student I was shy and someone who used to speak very less, but I loved dancing and always tried to participate in programs which gave me an opportunity to dance. Careerizma: What were your career aspirations? Which job did you get after completing your MBA? Pragya: I was very ambitious and had many plans for my life and career. I pursued MBA in Apparel Management and was about to attend my campus placement when the unfortunate incident changed my life forever. Careerizma: Can you share more about the incident that changed…show more content…
Pragya: Social stigma and never ending surgery. The moment I recover from my surgery my Doctor would suggest for the next one. This happened for two years until I realised and decided to stop expecting that I could ever have a close–to–normal face and I should now move on in my life. About acid attacks Careerizma: The most common reason behind acid attacks is spurned suitors looking for vengeance. Does it happen because they think it’s easy to get away with it? Aren’t the laws in India strong enough to deter them? Pragya: Acid is more dangerous than a weapon and the cheapest one. You get a bottle for a mere 20 Rupees (INR). It’s the easiest way to destroy some one’s life completely, yet get away without being punished stringently. Careerizma: How can such incidents be reduced, if not completely eliminated? Pragya: Gender discrimination is the core/major reason for these attacks, I believe. In our society a man cannot accept rejection from his opposite gender, he thinks he owns a woman if he loves her. He thinks a woman has no right to reject him or select someone of her choice….That makes him take steps like attacking a woman with

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