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Of all the beautiful twinkling patterns in the sky, none have enraptured me more than the constellation of the dragon, Draco. There are a few reasons why I've chosen this constellation. One, when I was young my family visited Romania because of a family get together on my father's side (who were all muggles, and as far as I know there weren't any squibs in the bloodline either), my mom(who was a pure-blooded witch) took me and my sister to this eerie and mystical place that she told me "was home to the most majestic beast there is", my young mind couldn't process it at first but then I saw what she meant, out in the open calmly grazing in the open field was a huge creature that exploded grace and power. Bright and bold hues of blue covered…show more content…
Another reason why I picked Draco is that it is the name of one of the greatest Slytherin there ever was, Draco Lucius Malfoy.The Slytherin House is infamous for producing the world's evilest wizards, some might say it is destiny while others say it is a coincidence, but whatever it is no one has ever said it was a choice. Most of the Slytherins only turn out this way because they had no choice, it was preordained, they were raised form the start to become a person they probably never wanted to be and Draco Malfoy is an example of that.I might just be saying this because I'm a Slytherin myself but who ever said he wanted to be evil? Who said he wanted to serve You-Know-Who? Who ever said Draco Malfoy truly wanted to be the villain he had come to be…show more content…
The dragon was originally known as Ladon and he guarded the tree which grew golden apples. The Golden Apple Tree was a wedding gift for Hera when she was married Zeus and had set the Hesperides to keep watch of the tree and Ladon to guard the tree. Ladon was a son of Typhoon, one of the mightiest Titan there was and Echidna the mother of all monsters. As said earlier Ladon was killed by Heracles in one of his adventures and he did so by using a poisoned arrow, the goddess Hera put Ladon in the sky as the constellation the dragon as a sign of remembrance for the dragon's faithful work of guarding her

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