Desert Biome Research Paper

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The desert biome has many different qualities. Examples of these qualities are found all around, such as the animals. Let’s look at some of the most known animals in the Desert biome. Wolves. Wolves are very well known in the desert. They travel in groups called packs. Because of the deserts normal temperature being very hot, wolves hunt at night and sleep all day. Wolves are omnivores. Being an omnivore means that they can eat meat, and greens. Wolves normally eat animals such as rabbits. Wolves are very vital when you think about it. If there was no one to eat the rabbits, there would be an over flow of rabbits. Wolves roll into desert is to keep there from being an overflow of population. Another type of animal is Coyotes. Coyotes are also a member of the dog family, which means that they too are omnivores. Wolves and Coyotes have the same job, but Coyotes eat smaller animals such as lizards, and insects. Coyotes are also smaller than…show more content…
Foxes eat small animals and insects. Foxes live in holes in the ground. They come out during the day unlike wolves and coyotes do. Foxes are though, under the same category as wolves, and coyotes. They eat meat and greens, so Foxes are omnivores. They also have the same job as coyotes. They eat animals like mice, and lizards to keep there from being an overflow of population. Now that we have learned about some of the animals that live in the desert, lets learn about some of it plants. A Desert Willow. A desert willow is actually a tree in the desert. It has very think branches with beautiful pink flowers at the end of the branches. This tree provides shade for the small animals such as lizards, mice, and snakes. When you are in the desert, you can get dehydrated very quickly because of the deserts hot temperatures. So it is important that you find clean water. A desert willow’s roots dig to find the closest water possible, if you find a desert willow, you will find

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