Descriptive Essay On Owning A Pet

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My grandpa bought me a dog when I was just one year old. But, I didn’t know it was an awful idea. His name was Rocky and he was a black husky with bright blue eyes but I have to admit he was a beautiful dog. That doesn’t mean that he was a good dog though. I believe that owning a pet isn’t important because they shed, they are expensive, and they will destroy everything under the sun! To begin with, one of the reasons it’s a bad idea to own a pet is because they shed like a lot. Rocky was one of those dogs that have thick hair and it smelled bad, so whenever you went to pet Rocky you had to wash your hands after because the smell was so bad that we have to bath him twice a day and that still doesn’t work. He would get on the couch and he…show more content…
When we first got Rocky he wasn’t that bad, yes now he would chew on some shoes here and there but not like now. Now he’s worse, one day I was coming home from school and I didn’t see Rocky so I thought he was in the backyard playing with Max, our oldest dog we got, and so I went upstairs to start on my homework and I had tons of homework. I started walking up the stairs and my mom shouted, “ Is that you Amanda?”, I didn’t know what was going on so I just kept walking up the stairs and my mom tried to stop me and I moved her out the way. I opened my door and my room was destroyed!! From top to bottom. My bed table was tipped over, my new lamp was broken, my desk was flipped, my pillows were everywhere and they was also destroyed, and my favorite blanket was in the floor covered in pee. At first I thought it was Max until I seen a dog digging in the trash and it was Rocky. My mom was trying to fix everything before I got home but she couldn’t so we had to redo my whole

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