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As usual, I sip a cup of freshly brewed coffee while checking my emails on the front balcony of my cabana, which is on top of high pillars. The sharp shriek of a Roseate Tern bird makes me look up at the morning sky, educing my own flight from New England, months ago; it’s now 7 a.m, the 11th of January. With the immensity of the azure and tranquil ocean at 12 feet from where I sit, I’m in swim shorts and shirtless. The warm breeze is astonishing and the rising sun, spectacular. In the distance, fishermen cast their nets from their boats. Nearby, pelicans dive with all their strength to grab their food. Technically, this could be the habitual outlook in a few different places around our beautiful planet. But something utterly unique and wonderful at this particular setting keeps folks from all over the world coming back in awe: A bright white line covers the horizon, separating the ski from the ocean; it rises and lowers at points, intermittently - obviously the ocean waves are breaking there. The above depicted locale is Caye Caulker, Belize - my adopted home. And that line…show more content…
Here a sea lover can practically live in the middle of two worlds - a lively village full of activity and shops, but within a relaxed and natural environment. Caye Caulker village - unlike its faster paced neighbor of San Pedro to the north - has no cars and pressed sand sculpts its narrow streets - a fashion residents want to keep. Here people walk, bike and occasionally ride golf carts but without traffic or hurries. The island motto is “Go Slow”, and everything cries out to breathe deep and treasure time. Away from the village, mangroves with sandy coves outline the coastline. Next to it, coconut and sea grape trees (Coccoloba uvifera) are the most common. Between them, friendly iguanas and crabs gracefully and peacefully roam about

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